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Each number gets along with every number in a certain way. This applies to everything, such as people, places, dates, and so on. Therefore it can be interpreted in any way possible since it's universal connection between each single numbers.


One example is to interpret numbers match is to understand the relationship between two people. This can be done by finding each person's life number and then comparing it together. To know how to find a person's life number, click here. All numbers relate to a planet, and that's how numerology and astrology are related to one another. To find out about the meaning of each individual numbers, click here.

Click on any number combination and find out about their relationship with one another.


The number 1 and 1 together tend to be a power couple. They usually hold a lot of positivity together. They give each other confidence and support. They also support each other's individuality and freedom. This is a healthy relationship. Their energies when comes together, can make others envious because of the their passion and love for each other. They naturally hold a bubble of immunity around them when together, which makes it hard for others to disrupt or interfere in their relationship. The only negative quality which can be is for 1 and 1 having arguments over petty things, but it's usually never that serious.

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The number 1 and 2 together learn a lot from each other. They are very different, but somehow their connection with one another blends very well and smoothly, which means they compliment one another, in which the 1 person provides wisdom and security, and the 2 person provides emotional support. This creates a beautiful dynamic. Usually the 2 person is looks up to number 1 this makes number 1 happy. The negative quality can be that the number 1 can easily become impatient or insensitive to number 2's emotional needs and ups and downs.

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The number 1 and 3 is an interesting dynamic. They usually have different interests which can clash with one another. They like to talk about different things and this can create misunderstanding between them. But together they have a potential to come up with new ideas, which can especially be good for business or creative endeavors. They usually have positivity together outwardly but in reality they can give each other anxiety and frustration. This is because while number 1 is concerned with self respect and pride, number 3 is more about selflessness and how to contribute to the society at large. This causes them to clash with each other.


Number 1 and 4 is a type of number combination which creates best friends. They both tend to enjoy gossiping, and talking about various subjects. They get along very well when it comes to communication. Number 4 is able to bring out number 1's more daring and original side out, and number 1 helps to give number 4 more confidence, thus, there is a mutual positive exchange between them. But on the downside, they can regularly have quarrels or disagreements and become upset with one another, but forget about it just as quickly, so there is some instability as well. However, something is always exciting between them going on, so this relationship is never boring.

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Number 1 and 5 is a combination of adventure. Together they like to do a lot of activities together, always thinking about what to do next for the future. They love planning together and are action-doers. They love exchanging ideas together. But if this is a familial relationship, it can cause negative qualities to come out, such as disagreements and one making sacrifices for the other in order to get along. Therefore, this combination is best for friends and acquaintances, and even better for business partners.


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Number 1 and 6 is a combination of materialism. They can bring out each other's superficial side out, and may not be sincere with one another. On the positive side they like to talk to each other about dreams and give each other hope. They tend to avoid talking about more negative and serious matters which need attention. Though it's good that they like to maintain positivity together, they may lack depth in their relationship. Number 1 can feel that number 6 is too sensitive and number 6 is usually insincere with number 1. Number 6 may feel outshined and lack of appreciation compared to number 1.


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Number 7 becomes vulnerable around number 1. If negative, number 1 can use this to make number 7 more insecure and pick on them for it. Number 7's emotions can be played by number 1. On the positive side, they can have a good spiritual relationship, in which number 1 can open up about their emotions and feelings to number 7 who acts as a healer or compassionate person. Number 1 can also exchange positive advice and with number 7 and together they can have a unique, deep relationship with one another which creates meaningful memories.


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Number 1 can easily read number 8's emotions. Their egos often clash together. Number 8 is usually cold with number 1, and has difficulty relating to them. Number 8 can try to take advantage of number 1's generosity, and number 1 can feel betrayed about it. They should avoid discussing politics or religion with each other, as this exchange usually ends up having a negative influence on them. On the positive side, if they work together in business, they can come up with great but wicked ideas. This is not the best combination.


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Number 1 and 9 are lovebirds. They are very expressive with one another and their relationship is genuine. Whether it is good or bad, sincerity always presides. Number 1 and 9 can become best friends, in which number 9 supports and admires number 1, which number 1 likes. On the downside they may not care about what others think and can behave selfishly or anti-socially when together. Together they attract fame, fans, but even 'haters'. If number 1 and 9 are family, they encourage each other and are very lucky for one another.


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Number 2 and 2 can become best friends. But the exchange of their energies are neither positives or negative. They may act like twins together, such as copying one another, and become very easily comfortable with one another. Many times they have intuitive thoughts about one another. Many times when they meet each other for the first time they may feel so comfortable that they become 'best friends' suddenly without much explanation. On the downside, they may not help each other's bad habits and become indulgent in doing what they want.


Number 2 and 3 make genuine friends. Together they are very communicative with one another and their relationship is pure. They can daydream together but number 3 helps number 2 to bring their ideas to life, while number 2 helps bring out number 3's their creative side out. On the downside, they may not focus on practical things. On the downside, number 2 may take advantage of number 3's generosity and patience with being too comfortable expressing. This can make number 3 more as the 'giver' and number 2 the 'taker'.

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Number 2 is impressionable and number 4 has a strong influence on number 2. Number 4 can overwhelm the sensitive number 2 by their unpredictable behaviour and ideas. Together they can have misunderstandings and confusion between each other. Number 4 can take advantage of 2's emotions, and may influence them to do what they say. Number 4 usually has a hypnotic effect on number 2 and this can be either negative or positive.


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Number 5 may be insincere with number 2, who trusts number 5 too easily. Although their relationship seems positive on the outside, there is insincerity going on. One of them tries to use the other. If positive, then instead of insincerity, 2 and 5 can have deep conversations and exchange of spiritual energy. They can deeply affect each other's point of view in life by exchanging their thoughts and beliefs.


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Number 2 and 6 exchange positive energies between each other. Number 6 finds number 2 interesting and is compassionate towards them, while number 2 feels secure around number 6 and there is a very good understanding between each other. Number 6 respects number 2's emotions. They are polite towards each other. But on the downside, number 2 can dominate number 6 because of number 6's kindness and may take their kindness for weakness. 


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Number 2 and 7 are one of the number combinations which get along very well because of both being dreamy, and spiritual. They are able to have long conversations about various subjects. But at times number 7 can be in their own bubble and may not acknowledge number 2's feelings as much. Number 7 may retreat and come back when they want when number 2 require more closeness and commitment. Number 2 may be more drawn to number 7 than vice versa.


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Number 8 finds number 2 cute and feels protective of them. But it can happen that number 8's practicableness can either compliment number 2 or can clash with them. This depends on the relationship. Number 2 can find 8 hard to relate with because of how different they both are. Usually the one who who wears the pants in the relationship is 8, even though outwardly it may seem that 2 is the dominating one because of 2 being more expressive and open.


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Number 9 does not respect number 2's emotions that well. Number 9 may come across as brash to the sensitive number 2. This makes it difficult for them to get along mentally as well. They have different ways of expressing themselves as well. Number cannot relate to number 2's sensitive and slower paced way of life. Sometimes 9 may unintentionally hurt 2. Family members with this dynamic may have to go against their true desires to keep each other content and there may also be disputes and fights.


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Number 3 and 3 are very positive together. They both enjoy talking about philosophical topics, and about politics, science, news or religion. They understand one another well but on the downsides may have arguments about the same subjects if they have different views. But their wisdom lets them agree to disagree at the end and their open mind makes them easily get over any dispute.


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Numbers 3 and 4 get along very well and together they can come up with genius ideas, whether it be for business or something creative. Number 4 usually learns a lot from number 3 and tries to apply it in their life, but may take advantage of number 3's kindness as well. Number 3 may admire 4's originality and unique way of thinking and doing things. Together they can achieve great things together and are genius.


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Number 3 and 5 are very positive together when it comes to communication and exchange of what they learn. They both share knowledge to each other. This is also a playful combination and they both enjoy joking and exchanging laughter. They bring out each other's sense of humour. Number 5 may find number 3 less action oriented so they may take more action while 3 is the thinker and comes up with ideas. But number 5 admires 3's intelligence and usually takes what they say seriously.


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Number 3 admires number 6 but may find number 6 superficial or petty, and thinker of smaller things in life while number 3 likes to think about bigger matters. Number 6 may find 3 less social than they are, and may not relate as much with them. Despite their differences, they compliment each other well because 3 offers 6 a new way of thinking in life and vice versa. They feel like they complete one another. This is also a divine combination.


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Number 3 and 7 get exchange spiritual learnings from one another. This is a very intuitive relationship. They can often have dreams about one another. Number 7 inspires 3 to bring out more of their unique and original side out. They usually have conversations about dreamy and out of this world topics, such as astrology, sci-fi, spirituality, etc. They support each other emotionally as well. This is a very lucky combination. Number 3 has the ability to bring luck into number 7's life.


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Number 3 may find number 8 cold and serious, since number 3 themselves are very light hearted. Number 8 may find number 3 someone who is too naive, but this is a mistake. Number 3 may try to cheer up and try to change number 8's way of thinking in life but this doesn't work. But on the positive side, if they accept one another, they may compliment each other, with number 8 doing the practical things and 3 coming up with new ideas. This is a very interesting combination in which they both keep learning from one another in life.


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Number 3 and 9 bring out each other's good side out. Number 3 is the thinker and 9 is the doer. Number 9 may encourage and give number 3 more confidence to apply their ideas in real life while number 3 can provide 9 with guidance in life. They usually get along well when it comes to discussing religion or politics. They influence each other in a good way. On the downside, number 9 may sometimes underestimate number 3 simply because number 3 is less energetic than 9.


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Number 4 and 4 are very friendly together and they both are easily influenced by each other’s little habits. They together tend to invent new things together and are very friendly and like to have fun together, with a funny sense of humour. They tend to get along well, but may also judge one another on the downside. They may may become best friends but they both need emotional freedom, which they give one another.


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Number 4 and 5 tend to have problems because 5 usually judges 4’s way of thinking, because while 5 like to learn, 4 likes to create and be inventive. 5 doesn’t believe 4’s ideas that easily and prefers to do things their own way. This frustrates 4. 5 is usually open minded, but when it comes to number 4, 5 might become close minded towards them because 4 does things out of the social norm. This may cause number 5 to take time to accept number 4, if at all.


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Numbers 4 and 6 get along well because together they enjoy being artistic and creative together. Number 6 may not like 4 as much as number 4 likes 6. They may together like indulging in luxuries and doing things such as shopping and other things related to materialism, especially the number 6. They both may enjoy each other's company but may not help each other succeed when it comes to luck.


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4 and 7 don’t understand one another that well. Despite that they are usually good with one another and like each other’s differences. They are both original and 7 finds 4 funny and interesting. They both may be considered eccentric by society and this combination can make them both seem as a unique couple or friends. They both share their own unique ideas to one another. As family members though, they may have quarrels.


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4 and 8 is an unlucky combination. They both don’t exchange a positive luck to each other. 4 may make 8 more stressed in their life causing them anxiety, and 8 may water down 4’s enthusiasm and originality with their stubbornness and practicableness. This is a negative exchange. They may influence each other in negative ways as well. As family members they may bring each other down.


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Number 4 and 9 are great together. Number 4 is original and 9 is full of excitement. They both like to do adventurous things and like to explore new things together. They can never be bored together. But unfortunately this combination is rare. When they both meet, they immediately feel a connection of friendliness with each other, and start making plans. Many times, they show each other their way of life and thus learn a lot from one another.


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Number 5 and 5 are very friendly and communicative with one another. On the downside they may gossip and compete with one another. But they also help each other and like to talk about various things. They connect very easily with one another but this relationship might be superficial and lack depth. They may not support each other in their dark times but appear only when they benefit from one another.


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Number 5 and 6 is a superficial combination. Number 6 may find 5 too fast paced in life and cannot keep up. 6 likes to be patient and satisfied with what they have while 5 like to be a go-getter. This can create a clash between them even though they are polite and kind to each other on face level. On a positive note, 6 and 5 can have good conversations together and seem like a good relationship on the outside, and as family members they have good impact on one another.


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Number 5 and 7 tend to misunderstand each other. Number 5 is social while 7 likes to be in their own bubble. 5 might try to make number 7 join them in certain activities but 7 is close minded towards number 5, and rather want 5 to understand them. Therefore there is a misunderstanding between them and when it comes to a family situation, one has to make sacrifices in life for the other in order to keep things peaceful.


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Number 5 doesn’t like 8 as much. They find number 8 too slow paced and stubborn for their liking. But number 8 admires 5’s intelligence and charm. This makes the relationship slightly one sided. Number 8 may find 5 too energetic and this may make number 8 stressed, In family matters, this dynamic is luckier, because they then exchange good ideas for each other in order to succeed in life.


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Number 5 and 9 are a very good match, because they are both fast paced and go-getters. But on the downside, 5, who lives life by charming and sweet words, may find 9 too straightforward and brash. This can create quarrels between them. 5 may take 9’s behaviour and actions too personally in this case. Otherwise, they enjoy being adventurous with one another and like to be extroverted.


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Number 6 and 6 enjoy each other’s company. They both may make each other indulge in good food and luxuries. They may spoil one another with gifts. They make good friends but may not help one another with moving forward in life and may make one another indulge in the same habits that they usually have. As family members, they get along very well and are protective of each other. This is one of the best combination for families.


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Number 6 and 7 is a combination of creativeness. Number 6 enjoys 7’s unique point of view in life and their thoughts, and may be interested in it, while number 7 finds 6 polite, peaceful and less judgmental than others. This makes number 7 let 6 deeper in their minds and life. They both enjoy each other’s company and enjoy the new perspective that they offer one another.


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Number 6 and 8 is a strange combination. Number 6 may find 8 practical and admire it, but at the same time, they don't really enjoy it in the long term. Number 8 is drawn and attracted to number 6’s way of thinking and their behaviour. They like their grace and admire the way they carry themselves. This can make the relationship slightly one sided.


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Number 6 and 9 is a powerful combination. If they are partners, they have a strong sexual chemistry. They both complete each other and their differences complement each other. Number 6 likes 9’s energy, and 9 likes to impress 6. Number 9 also likes to spoil number 6 with gifts and likes to fulfill their desires. As family members, 6 and 9 give each other good luck and advice.


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Number 7 and 7 tend to confuse one another and this is because both have different thoughts, even though they may be the same number. This is because number 7 are very unique. They tend to be very imaginative and talk about strange things that others cannot relate to. They have a high intuition with one another. They may like talking about subjects such as fantasy, sci-fi, and various other subjects.


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Number 7 tends to be easily hurt by number 8, this is because number 7 is sensitive and 8 may be cold and not listen to 7's unique thoughts. Number 8 likes 7 and finds them a good person to give guidance to. But number 7 misunderstands what 8 says or usually disagrees with it and only does what they want. This frustrates number 8. This is a strange combination.


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Number 7 and 9 tend to get along well. Number 7 looks up to 9 and likes their energy. Number 7 gets inspired by 9 and 9 gives number 7 the confidence to put their ideas into reality. They can become good friends even though they are very different. They still are able to positively affect one another, and usually number 9 is the one who leads the relationship.


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Number 8 and 8 cause each other misery. They both bring each other down, because they accentuate each other;s stubbornness, coldness, and shrewdness. This can make the relationship to go in a downward spiral. On the positive side, they may make good business partners because these qualities can benefit it. But as family members, they do not help each other much.


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Number 8 and 9 is not the best combination. This is because 8 is slow paced, stubborn and practical, while 9 is full of energy. Number 9 cannot relate to number 8. They may make good business partners because they offer each other new perspective for it, but as family or friends they have difficulty relating to one another. They may misunderstand each other often.


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Number 9 and 9 are like soulmates when they meet. They connect instantly and have a lot of agreements on many things, whether it be art, business, politics, and more. They like to do adventures together and make a lot of plans. They are always up to something and enjoy their life and are full of gratitude. This makes this dynamic a divine and great connection.

4 and 8 is an unlucky combination. They both don’t exchange a positive luck to each other. 4 may make 8 more stressed in their life causing them anxiety, and 8 may water down 4’s enthusiasm and originality with their stubbornness and practicableness. This is a negative exchange. They may influence each other in negative ways as well. As family members they may bring each other down.

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