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Learn the meaning of each number from 1 to 9 in numerology:


When the number 1 is positive, it has the following qualities; ambition, pride, love of freedom and hard work, being reliable. They are good leaders and authoritative. They also like solitude and independence. They can hide their problems and personal issues because of pride. If this number is negative, it makes a person a spendthrift, easily irritable, unrepenting for their mistakes, cruel to their subordinates. Negative vibrations of this number can cause people loss of position, shameful reputation and hatred from those who are under them. It can also cause them to be rebellious in a destructive way. Planet: Sun.


Number 2 makes individuals moody. They are imaginative, sensitive and can be artistic. They can be very talented. They tend to follow their heart more than their mind when it comes to making decisions. Because of them being naturally open at expressing their emotions, they capture the attention of others for being relatable and honest. The negative traits can include procrastination and laziness. Planet: Moon.


Number 3 makes an individual energetic, wise, and they tend to be patriotic. They have strong beliefs and can even sacrifice things for a cause. When this number is positive, it makes a person moral and sympathetic. They lead life with honour. But when this number carries a negative vibration, it makes a person egoistical, rude and lazy. It makes them greedy and wanting power, going to lengths for it. But whether this number is positive and negative, it makes a person charming with good social skills. Planet: Jupiter.


Number 4 is considered a heavy karma number. These people may be seen as rude or strange on the outside, but up close they are actually people who care about helping others. They tend to be very open minded. But when this number is negative, it makes a person immoral. A number 4 person can be a cop or a criminal, but either way, it means they tend to be or meddle with, or attract dangerous and risky things in life. Planet: Rahu.


Number 5 individuals tend to be charming, make friends easily, and enjoy learning new languages and talents, when this number is positive. They are quick, tactful and have good social skills. They tend to think logically for everything and always plan things. They tend to have more than one profession. They age less fast than others. When negative, this number makes people close minded and dictators, and the type of use religion in a negative way. Planet: Mercury.


Number 6 makes individuals pleasant and harmonious. They like material things and the aesthetic of things. They like fashion and are interested in artistic subjects. When this number is positive, it makes a person very likeable and adored. But when negative, it can make a person have haters. It also makes them double faced. When negative they also tend to isolate themselves from others and the world. Planet: Venus.


Number 7 people tend to be philosophical. They listen to their intuition and dreams. They tend to be spiritual or religious. They lack being practical and dislike focusing on details. They do not consider the pros and cons of things before deciding to delve into it. When this number is negative, it makes a person hopeless, passive, and melancholic. It can make them daydream about unrealistic things and become delusional. Planet: Ketu.


Number 8 is also a karmic number like number 4. Even if they have lucky opportunities in life, it tends to make them do hard work and achieve things the hard way. When this number is positive, it makes a person enjoy working hard, and being humble. They also have good intentions for the world and society, such as being eco-friendly or choosing the right way. When this number is negative, it can make people depressed and attract negative circumstances in life such as delay of plans and disappointment. They tend to be interested in the dark side of things. Planet: Saturn


Number 9 people are very passionate and strong. When this number is positive, it makes an individual an animal lover. For them hard work is fun and gives them energy. They are brave and risk takers. They tend to appear tough on the outside, but inside are like teddy bears. When this number is negative, it makes a person have anger issues and stubborn mind. Planet: Mars.

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