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Les maisons sont les 12 parties d'un graphique. Chaque maison signifie et représente quelque chose de différent. Ils représentent différents aspects de la vie humaine et du monde, avec des significations et des symbolismes différents. Cliquez sur un numéro de maison dans cet exemple de tableau pour en savoir plus.

Ashwini: (23°46 Aries - 7°06' Taurus) Confidence, impulsiveness, healers, adventurous, travel, exploring, speed, initiating, headstrong, stubborn, brave, child-like, impatient. Lord: Ketu

Bharani: (7°06' - 20°26' Taurus) Disgrace, struggles, transformation, breakthrough, artistic abilities, regeneration, oppressing, jealousy, leadership, revolutionary. Lord: Venus

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Kritika: (20°26' Taurus - 3°46’ Gemini) Violence, protection, guarding, warrior, aggressiveness, disputes, cooking, sexuality. Lord: Sun

Rohini: (3°46 - 17°06' Gemini) Attraction, magnetism, quality, sensuality, fertility, growth, prosperity, materialism. Lord: Moon

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Mrigashira: (17°06' Gemini - 0°26' Cancer) Power, incest, destruction, searching, researching, collections, perfection, restlessness, addiction. Lord: Mars

Ardra: (0°26' - 13°46 Cancer) Destruction, storm, sadness, depression, reviving, renovation, struggles, transformation. Lord: Rahu

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Purnavasu: (13°46 - 27°06' Cancer) Travel, renewal, forgiveness, miracles, limitless, sincerity, wisdom, learning, generosity, prosperity. Lord: Jupiter

Pushya: (27°06' Cancer - 10°26' Leo) Spirituality, philosophy, teaching, devotional, firm, uptight, helpful, caring, orthodox, conventional, extremists, wealth, generosity, intelligence. Lord: Saturn

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Āshleshā: (10°26' - 23°46 Leo) Healing powers, kundalini, craftiness, manipulation, dishonesty, double personality, wisdom, occult studies, psychology, hypnotic, cannot take criticism well, business, distrustful, manipulating others, Lord: Mercury

Maghā: (23°46 Leo - 7°06' Virgo) Reincarnation, nobility, ruling, power and ego, leadership, heritage, ancestry, elite. Lord: Ketu

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Pūrva Phalgunī: (7°06' - 20°26' Virgo) Wealth through inheritance, luck, fortune, sociable, creative, expression, artistic ability, joy, generosity, extremity, loyalty. Lord: Venus

Uttara Phalgunī: (20°26' Virgo - 3°46 Libra) Attachment, separation anxiety, friendship, family, unity, humanitarian, giving, honour, courage, charitable, controlling, stubborn. Lord: Sun

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Hasta: (3°46 - 17°06' Libra) Business, charm, manual skills, artistic ability, writing, manipulation, talent, sense of humour, ideas, concepts, trickery, helping, healing. Lord: Moon

Chitra: (17°06' Libra - 0°26' Scorpio) Special, fame, opportunity, charisma, attraction, standing out, beauty, architecture, shining. Lord: Mars

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Svati: (0°26' - 13°46 Scorpio) Communication, control, persuasion, grace, intuition, shallowness, spiritual. Lord: Rahu

Vishakha: (13°46 - 27°06' Scorpio) Determination, powerful, courageous, concentration, egocentric, jealousy, revengeful, unforgiving, social, clever. Lord: Jupiter

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Anuradha: (27°06' Scorpio - 10°26' Sagittarius) Spirituality, long life, friendship, family, loving, loyalty, leadership, melancholy, depression, sharing, compassion, living away from home, difficult relationship with mother. Lord: Saturn

Jyeshtha: (10°26' - 23°46 Sagittarius) Action oriented, creative, metaphysical, controlling, powerful, jealousy, wisdom, wealth, low self esteem. Lord: Mercury

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Mula: (23°46 Sagittarius - 7°06' Capricorn) Destruction, denial, self-destruction, breakthrough, addictions, enlightenment, pain, sadness, transition, spiritual realizations, healing powers. Lord: Ketu

Purva Ashadha: (7°06' - 20°26' Capricorn) Philosophy, righteousness, justice, pushing beliefs on other people, travelling overseas, adventures, idealistic, truthful, honest, influential, opinionated, black and white thinking, critical. Lord: Venus

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Uttara Ashadha: (20°26' Capricorn - 3°46 Aquarius) Ambitious, action oriented, doing the right thing, honesty, musical talent, fame, recognition, responsible, purpose, commitment, leadership. Lord: Sun

Shravana: (3°46 - 17°06' Aquarius) Listening, learning, leadership, knowledge, counselling, travelling, traditions, insensitive to others, being sensitive about themselves, wealth. Lord: Moon

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Dhanishta: (17°06' Aquarius - 0°26' Pisces) Abundance, wealth, emptiness, shallowness, superficiality, materialistic, marital discord, narcissism, travelling. Lord: Mars

Shatabhisha: (0°26' - 13°46 Pisces) Healing, intelligent, scientific, astrology, astronomy, learning, metaphysical, moody, depression, indifferent, aloof, disease, technology, electricity, arrogance. Lord: Rahu

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Purva Bhādrapadā: (13°46 - 27°06' Pisces) Two faced, split personality, sorrow, disappointment, self-reflection, self-improvement, passionate, extremist, persuasive power, transformation. Lord: Jupiter

Uttara Bhādrapadā: (27°06' Pisces - 10°26' Aries) Solitude, mystical, intuitive, protective, profound, egoless, inheritance, spiritual. Lord: Saturn

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Revati: (10°26' - 23°46 Aries) Travelling, safety, intuition, meditation, politeness, kindness, animal lover, charitable, compassionate, forgiving. Lord: Mercury

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