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Las casas son las 12 partes en que se divide un gráfico. Cada casa significa y representa algo diferente. Representan diferentes aspectos de la vida humana y del mundo, con diferentes significados y simbolismos. Haga clic en un número de casa en este gráfico de muestra para obtener más información.

Ashwini: (23°46 Aries - 7°06' Taurus) Confidence, impulsiveness, healers, adventurous, travel, exploring, speed, initiating, headstrong, stubborn, brave, child-like, impatient. Lord: Ketu

Bharani: (7°06' - 20°26' Taurus) Disgrace, struggles, transformation, breakthrough, artistic abilities, regeneration, oppressing, jealousy, leadership, revolutionary. Lord: Venus

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Kritika: (20°26' Taurus - 3°46’ Gemini) Violence, protection, guarding, warrior, aggressiveness, disputes, cooking, sexuality. Lord: Sun

Rohini: (3°46 - 17°06' Gemini) Attraction, magnetism, quality, sensuality, fertility, growth, prosperity, materialism. Lord: Moon

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Mrigashira: (17°06' Gemini - 0°26' Cancer) Power, incest, destruction, searching, researching, collections, perfection, restlessness, addiction. Lord: Mars

Ardra: (0°26' - 13°46 Cancer) Destruction, storm, sadness, depression, reviving, renovation, struggles, transformation. Lord: Rahu

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Purnavasu: (13°46 - 27°06' Cancer) Travel, renewal, forgiveness, miracles, limitless, sincerity, wisdom, learning, generosity, prosperity. Lord: Jupiter

Pushya: (27°06' Cancer - 10°26' Leo) Spirituality, philosophy, teaching, devotional, firm, uptight, helpful, caring, orthodox, conventional, extremists, wealth, generosity, intelligence. Lord: Saturn

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Āshleshā: (10°26' - 23°46 Leo) Healing powers, kundalini, craftiness, manipulation, dishonesty, double personality, wisdom, occult studies, psychology, hypnotic, cannot take criticism well, business, distrustful, manipulating others, Lord: Mercury

Maghā: (23°46 Leo - 7°06' Virgo) Reincarnation, nobility, ruling, power and ego, leadership, heritage, ancestry, elite. Lord: Ketu

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Pūrva Phalgunī: (7°06' - 20°26' Virgo) Wealth through inheritance, luck, fortune, sociable, creative, expression, artistic ability, joy, generosity, extremity, loyalty. Lord: Venus

Uttara Phalgunī: (20°26' Virgo - 3°46 Libra) Attachment, separation anxiety, friendship, family, unity, humanitarian, giving, honour, courage, charitable, controlling, stubborn. Lord: Sun

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Hasta: (3°46 - 17°06' Libra) Business, charm, manual skills, artistic ability, writing, manipulation, talent, sense of humour, ideas, concepts, trickery, helping, healing. Lord: Moon

Chitra: (17°06' Libra - 0°26' Scorpio) Special, fame, opportunity, charisma, attraction, standing out, beauty, architecture, shining. Lord: Mars

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Svati: (0°26' - 13°46 Scorpio) Communication, control, persuasion, grace, intuition, shallowness, spiritual. Lord: Rahu

Vishakha: (13°46 - 27°06' Scorpio) Determination, powerful, courageous, concentration, egocentric, jealousy, revengeful, unforgiving, social, clever. Lord: Jupiter

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Anuradha: (27°06' Scorpio - 10°26' Sagittarius) Spirituality, long life, friendship, family, loving, loyalty, leadership, melancholy, depression, sharing, compassion, living away from home, difficult relationship with mother. Lord: Saturn

Jyeshtha: (10°26' - 23°46 Sagittarius) Action oriented, creative, metaphysical, controlling, powerful, jealousy, wisdom, wealth, low self esteem. Lord: Mercury

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Mula: (23°46 Sagittarius - 7°06' Capricorn) Destruction, denial, self-destruction, breakthrough, addictions, enlightenment, pain, sadness, transition, spiritual realizations, healing powers. Lord: Ketu

Purva Ashadha: (7°06' - 20°26' Capricorn) Philosophy, righteousness, justice, pushing beliefs on other people, travelling overseas, adventures, idealistic, truthful, honest, influential, opinionated, black and white thinking, critical. Lord: Venus

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Uttara Ashadha: (20°26' Capricorn - 3°46 Aquarius) Ambitious, action oriented, doing the right thing, honesty, musical talent, fame, recognition, responsible, purpose, commitment, leadership. Lord: Sun

Shravana: (3°46 - 17°06' Aquarius) Listening, learning, leadership, knowledge, counselling, travelling, traditions, insensitive to others, being sensitive about themselves, wealth. Lord: Moon

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Dhanishta: (17°06' Aquarius - 0°26' Pisces) Abundance, wealth, emptiness, shallowness, superficiality, materialistic, marital discord, narcissism, travelling. Lord: Mars

Shatabhisha: (0°26' - 13°46 Pisces) Healing, intelligent, scientific, astrology, astronomy, learning, metaphysical, moody, depression, indifferent, aloof, disease, technology, electricity, arrogance. Lord: Rahu

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Purva Bhādrapadā: (13°46 - 27°06' Pisces) Two faced, split personality, sorrow, disappointment, self-reflection, self-improvement, passionate, extremist, persuasive power, transformation. Lord: Jupiter

Uttara Bhādrapadā: (27°06' Pisces - 10°26' Aries) Solitude, mystical, intuitive, protective, profound, egoless, inheritance, spiritual. Lord: Saturn

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Revati: (10°26' - 23°46 Aries) Travelling, safety, intuition, meditation, politeness, kindness, animal lover, charitable, compassionate, forgiving. Lord: Mercury

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