Yoga poses & their benefits

Updated: May 28

We all know that yoga is good for us. But do you know exactly why and how? I'm going to tell you today why yoga is not overrated. And you must know this, especially if you do yoga yourself!

Yoga is not just a fancy way to exercise, or only to build muscle, it is much more.

Yoga is first known to be mentioned in the around 5000 year old book called Rig Veda, written by sages, the masters of nature. It's from the same group of sages who wrote about Ayurveda. So yoga's poses were created by the sages, who had the knowledge about the body's function which came from a divine source. What they knew is something modern science has yet to learn and prove. Many modern scientist can't tell why and how ayurvedic herbs work. We are extremely lucky and gifted to know about yoga and their poses, but we must also know what benefits the poses offer in order to truly value it.

Yoga poses & their benefits:

According to Ayurveda

The most common and basic pose is vajrasana. This pose helps with back pain, knee and leg pain and neck pain. It also helps to make nerves strong. It is best to do this pose before or after eating, because it helps activate the digestive system, which is what this pose is most popular for. When doing this pose before or after eating, it helps the food to be digested better, and it can even cure stomach problems such as acidity because of it. This pose also helps those with hernia, and women suffering from menstrual cramps.

Mandukasana: This helps with people who are suffering from an upset stomach. It works on many middle and lower abdominal organs like the liver, spleen, gallbladder, intestine, pancreas, prostate (of men), uterus and ovaries (of women) and help cure all the issues related to them. The best way to explain how it works is like acupuncture, but ion the organs instead of the nerves. This pose is done by first sitting in the vajrasana position, then put your hands into a fist together next to each other. Then suck in your lower abdomen, releasing as much air from your lungs and place your fists just below your navel and bend forward as much as you can so you can face the floor. Stay in this position for a few seconds to as long as you feel comfortable holding your breath. This will apply pressure to your lower abdomen. (It is slightly different from the picture).

Shashankasana: It is good for the back, for diabetes, brain function and heart function. It is like bowing down and paying respect for blessings and being humble. While doing this asana you can imagine paying respect to mother nature, the earth, or a person you admire. This way, it benefits you not only from a physical plane but also spiritually, which is what yoga is about too.

Sarvangasana: This activates the thyroid, parathyroid and pituitary gland. This pose is great for children who want to grow taller faster. It also helps those suffering from thyroid issues. It also helps bring more blood and oxygen to the brain, hence helping increasing proper mental health. The name of this pose; sarvangasana itself means "giving energy to all the parts of the body" in sanskrit. Once in this pose, try to hold this pose for 1-2 min if you can. This pose is also good for the eyes, skin and hair. It makes the hair thicker and stronger. It also removes toxins from the body through the lymphatic system and remove fatigue. This pose is considered a very important pose in yoga for the reason of being excellent for overall health of the body and organs.

Naukasana: When doing it, try to hold this pose for as long as you can. It's best for targeting the stomach. In ayurveda, it is said that all health problems start by stomach problems, the center of the body. This pose helps clear stomach problems, and also helps make the agni (digestive fire) stronger, which increases metabolism and helps food to be digested better. It helps those suffering from excess belly fat, constipation and indigestion. This also makes the knees, shoulders and core stronger. If your legs get tired walking up or down the stairs, or you have difficulty lifting heavy objects, try this pose everyday for a week and feel the difference after. This is from personal experience as well!

Bandhasana: This pose is best known for the balancing of the mind and body. It helps those who have upset stomach and problems related to the pancreas. It also helps reverse diabetes and thyroid. This pose also helps those with pain in the spinal cord, shoulders upper and lower back. It makes the back, neck and shoulders strong. This pose is not recommended for those suffering from hernia or ulcer problems.

This pose is best for obesity. It helps remove excess body fat from all parts of the body. It makes the abdominal organs stronger such as the liver, spleen and kidneys. It helps with stomach ache and constipation. It is good for making the overall body strong. This pose is also good for children to do who want to grow tall faster.

These were a few yoga poses and their benefits. Now you can enjoy Yoga even more knowing how beneficial it is!

Spirit tip of the day: Drinking a few sips of water before sleeping helps prevents nightmares, while sleeping with a dry mouth and throat can cause nightmares.

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