I can't be a vegan, what should I do?

Updated: May 28

When you can't be a complete vegan, the first thing to do is to be honest about it. So then you can come to a middle ground and find out how you can still do less harm to yourself and the society while still consuming meat. We will learn the spiritual truth on this subject.

If something is spiritually true it always has a scientific proof. But science is still evolving. We can’t simply only believe in what science has proven or else we will miss out on so much that our biology and intuition feels, and what our subconscious mind knows.

Some people want to be a vegan or call themselves a vegan but they secretly eat meat. There are also people and even doctors who think veganism is not healthy but it’s false. It’s been proven many times that veganism is even healthier normal diet. Eating meat is not necessarily part of health. This is a myth. It's just because of the familiarity, comfort, tradition and following what their ancestors did for centuries, and the health advice they passed down to people the reason they think meat is important for proper health.

You don’t need to feel as guilty because the following knowledge and steps shall open your eyes about how you can significantly reduce the damage to the society, your health and karma.

There are 2 things which matter and must be taken into consideration when choosing your meat in the order of importance: 1) DNA match percentage and 2) the treatment of the animal.

The more the DNA of an animal is shared with humans, the more it is immoral to eat that animal. It harms one spiritually, creates bad karma, and is bad for health too. Also no matter which animal it is, any kind of red meat must be prohibited. This is the list of some animals and their DNA match percentage with humans on the physiological level:

1) DNA match:

If an animal shares more than 75% DNA with humans, it should be prohibited to eat them completely. As you can see, there are animals which are very close to humans' DNA such as cats and dogs and it also explains why they became domesticated and compatible to live with humans. We can exchange emotions and nonverbal communications with them. Technically we can do that with all animals, especially if one's frequency is high. This could also explains why in some cultures we see people prohibited from eating cows or pigs in their religions. Because apparently their DNA matches more with humans than expected.

Another factor to consider is how similar the intelligence/logic of an animal matches with a human. You may have seen or heard how "intelligent" an octopus or dolphin is. It's not because they are more intelligent in nature, but how much their logic matches with those of humans, which our egocentric way of looking at it interprets it as their level of intelligence based on our standards. So animals that we find more "intelligent" must have something more similar to us, which makes eating them morally wrong.

2) Treatment:

In the meat industry, animals are made to be born for their whole life to be hell. They are abused and live in unimaginable, cruel and horrible conditions. They are also killed in unnatural and cruel ways sometimes. But what humans did worst was not killing the animals, but ruining the quality of their life and created hell for them. This is one of the most horrible karma a human can do. Buying products from these industries endorses them. Even though we cannot simply compare humans with a carnivorous animal like a lion, in nature, the deer (prey) got to live a normal, natural life before being killed by a lion (predator). We have no right to ruin an animal's life and torture them. It is downright cruel and this practice should have never been normalized in the first place. Those humans became corrupted and lost touch with their true soul, sanity and basic morals.

If you can‘t afford meat where the animals were farm raised and not tortured, it is then better to just not eat meat at all. By buying meat products from the cruel and inhumane industries we are participating in practicing a bad karma which can cause us problems in this or the next life. The bad karma then manifests in our life in many ways such as health problems, mental problems, etc. There is a reason why many people turned vegan when these industries became exposed to more people. Because the true soul of a person is sane, moral and compassionate. Besides this, the meat industries are the #2 leading cause of pollution after cars. So there are too many reasons to not buy meat products from the supermarket.


What you can do:

You can come to the middle ground by choosing better options. Must not eat meat more than twice a week and only buy meat from local cruelty free farms. Since one won't be eating meat that often anyways, they could still afford it. Paying more for meat is also reasonable because that way one values the life of a living being of similar frequency as humans. If one can start by following these steps, they can feel less guilty and create a better reality.

Spirit tip of the day: Moon gazing on a full moon heals emotions and physical issues.

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