How to increase your frequency

Updated: May 28

What does it mean to increase your frequency? How can one increase their frequency?

Frequency is not just a spiritual term, but a scientific term too. We will talk about what is an individual’s frequency, how to increase it and the benefits of it.

What is low frequency? It means that people with a low frequency only have the root chakra active and the rest of their chakras are dormant. They can be considered more “grounded“ and have a survival based logic in life. But having a low frequency can cause problems like being more susceptible to negative energy, having black and white thinking, lacking in wisdom and empathy. Ideally, a human should have a high frequency.

Benefits of having a high frequency:

Having a high frequency creates a pure and healthy aura around you. It makes you have less fears, makes you compassionate, empathetic with an aura of love and liveliness. It makes you more immune to negative energies that may be around you, and makes your light shine on the dark aura people, instead of vice versa. It makes you have better intuition and more connected to your innocence, to God, and to your true emotions and sanity. It makes you wiser and make better life decisions. The aura of high frequency people can even help heal others just with their presence. It makes them be healthy not only spiritually but physically and mentally.

Having a high frequency is not about being “high” like some people believe. In fact, people who depend on drugs have a low frequency. You may have a preconceived notion of people who talk about this subject but it has actually almost nothing to do with it. Some normal everyday people who don’t consider themselves spiritual have a very high frequency just because of having the healthy habits that we will learn about.

Even though all these steps help create a high frequency in people, it can be harder for some than for others depending on what societal, cultural, religious or parental influences affected them. You will be shocked to know how different meanings people associate with “wrong” and “right” depending on how they were raised. But if you follow all the steps at the same time, it is guaranteed that your frequency will increase because nothing is stronger than will power.

Ways to increase your frequency:

- Pranayama: This is an ayurvedic and yogic breathing exercises. The benefits of pranayama are endless. It prevents and reverses aging, heals all types of health problems as deep as from the DNA. It brings the most amount of oxygen to the brain. The three main types of pranayama are kapalbhati, anulom-vilom and bhrastika.

- Meditation: To meditate, you need to sit or lay still and comfortably with a straight spine where there is no disturbance or sounds. You have to try to think about nothing, like pausing the mind. You may pay attention to small details while closing the eyes such as birds chirping, the sound of the fan, or the clock, cars passing by, etc. But no thoughts about the past or future. Playing the tanpura c tune helps during meditation. If you have difficulty meditating, try using guided meditation for the first few days. If you’re going to meditate for the first time, start by at least 10 minutes per day, then you can increase to as much as you want. Some people can meditate up to 6 hours! The benefits of meditation are also endless.

- Vegetarianism or Veganism: In the animal world there naturally are carnivores and herbivores. According to nature, the ideal man is not a carnivore, but a herbivore. If you’re not ready or used to being a vegan or vegetarian, being a pescatarian or occasionally (one a week or less) eating lean meat should not hinder you from having a high frequency as long as red meat is eliminated from your diet. It‘s best to avoid dairy products from abused animals and meat from the animal industry which are cruel to animals.

Certain foods can also help increase your frequency faster and other foods can slow it. Eating more amount of foods which are high in starch or gluten will decrease your frequency. These foods include bread, potatoes, rice, etc. Overeating, binge eating and eating too late does the same thing. Certain foods are not only extremely healthy but increase your frequency such as spirulina, chlorella, berries, seaweed, fruits and vegetables, and most “superfoods”. The other thing to increase your frequency are detoxing foods or supplements. It includes foods like aloe vera gel, acai berries, rhubarb juice, foods high in fiber, antioxidants, pre and probiotics.

- Waking up early: You must have heard how millionaires routine involve waking up very early. The ancient sages said that a person can only be successful if they wake up before 8:30 AM, and the earlier the better, and if one sees the sunrise, it’s considered the best time to wake up. This is not a coincidence, that’s why millionaires are successful! And when one wakes up late, especially after 10:30 AM, their life can lack positive progress. And if one wakes up after 12 PM, then they will be highly prone to depression, stress, and if they don’t think it’s true at the moment, it means bad omen about where their life is going, and depression or stress will soon catch up to them. And if one oversleeps, aka, more than 9 hours a day, they can start having brain damage.

- The fifth way to increase your frequency is to do intermittent fasting from time to time. Not just because it is proven scientifically to be healthy and beneficial, but spiritually too. If you meditate or do pranayama during fasting it doubles or even triples the benefits of meditation and pranayama. It detoxes and energizes the person.

- Avoiding electronics during sleep: Avoid having electronic, cell phones, smart watches near you when you go to sleep, because especially while you’re asleep, the electronic devices leech off of the healing and detoxing energy your body produces during sleep. The electronic devices will act as an energy vampire, drawing out your positive energy. This is why you must keep them at least a meter away from you when going to sleep. So forget about wearing a smartwatch when going to sleep or having a phone near you, the ”sleep monitoring” apps don’t know about this, but now you do. See how everyday casual things were causing bad consequences that we never imagined!

- Eco-friendliness: Live an eco-friendly life and use sustainable products. “What we give to the society and earth, it gives it back to us.” The earth is a reflection of you and vice versa. This divine connection must always be respected. Do whatever you can to eliminate or reduce pollution. It includes physical pollution, and also the pollution of thoughts and behaviours. Try supporting ethical causes and spread positivity around you. Go out of your comfort zone and make a genuine compliment to someone, etc. It has also been proven scientifically that people who live an eco friendly life and in an eco friendly environment at home are significantly happier than those who don’t.

- Hygiene: Make everything including you look and smell clean, fresh and beautiful. Objects must be organized, such as clothes folded, pantry organized, etc. Your house is a reflection of you. One should always wear clean clothes and throw out torn (except if it’s fashion), stained, worn out clothes.

- Respect nature: Respect the flora and fauna around you. Other than domestic animals like cats and dogs, do not cage reptiles or birds away from their natural environment just for fun or your passion. It‘s inconsiderate and selfish. It‘s important to treat animals with love and respect, because they are smaller than us and we have more power over them physically. Never take advantage of your power or assume what an animal wants just because they cannot speak. When your frequency gets higher, you may even have a strong intuition which will make you more empathetic, and better at non verbally communicating with animals. It’s underrated to act kind towards plants and trees. They do feel our intentions towards them and our life depends on them. For this reason send them love and respect and take care of them. Animals and plants are our neighbours.

Spirit tip of the day: Standing in the rain removes negative energy and replenishes your spiritual energy, which is why it feels so refreshing. So if you slept with phone near you at night, rain will reverse it!

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