Debunking Some Common Beliefs

There are a variety of beliefs for everything, and they vary by time and place, religion, culture, scientific theories, and so on. But there is always only one correct answer. Nature always has the answer to everything. If you believe in wrong things, you go against nature and your soul. And when you do that you create "hell on earth" in your life. Because beliefs create reality, if a culture or society believes in the wrong things, they can create a toxic culture and environment for its people. Wrong beliefs are always accepted as true by mistake, but its consequences are horrible and real. This is why it is so important to question the smallest of things you are told.

Here are six such common beliefs you may have believed as true all your life but are false, and I will explain why:

Pain is gain - this is counterproductive, because according to the law of attraction, you attract what you focus on. If you dislike doing something, but you still do it for an ulterior motive, then it’s not healthy, instead it’s similar to corruption. The truth is that; gain is gain. But it must not be mistaken with laziness, or using this as an excuse to get away with bad habits, for example, if you know chocolate is unhealthy for you, but you use “gain is gain” to eat it all the time anyways thinking that what makes you happy is good for you, that is wrong. This must not be mistaken with discipline. In order to understand “gain is gain”, you must apply this principle from pure intentions of the mind.

The fittest survives (or evolution happens for survival/root of everything is survival) - this is not the truth about the world and the universe but more like a corrupted belief from the mind of someone miserable and sad. Life was never about survival. Life is about experience, learning, adventure, and creativity. The belief that the root of life is “survival” became popular by Charles Darwin. He was far from wise. Because of this belief becoming the norm, it has given rise to sadism and cruelty in people and an excuse for them to express their immoral behaviour on not only others, but created a toxic culture and society, bad parenting, bullying, hurt, pain and cruelness in a way that we have even forgotten the right way to think and act because it’s all we know. While survival is one of the instincts of living things and beings, it’s not the root reason for life. Compassion is important and necessary. A normal being is born with compassion. It’s by compassion that harmony in society thrives, and unfortunately, because of “survival” based beliefs endorsed by charles darwin, many people try to shut down their feelings of compassion in life, and/or some people act so much based on fears for the self that they don’t get enough chance to feel compassion. This becomes a cycle that people and society are trapped in. This cycle has to be broken if we want to live in a prosperous and happy world. We are the only ones who create society and culture and everything starts within.

Fear is necessary - Ask any psychologist or even a philosopher and most, if not all of them would agree that fear, at least a little bit of it is a necessary emotion and that it’s productive. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. This corrupted belief has caused many people to develop anxiety, attachment, depression, etc. Fear has no benefit, all it does is hinder us from avoiding danger. Fear is an emotion, which comes from the feeling of powerlessness. When one feels scared, they either freeze, scream, stutter, and their mind becomes foggy. What actually helps is cautiousness. Only with a clarity of mind and alertness, with our cleverness can we escape danger, and fear does the exact opposite of it. Fear of anything is unnecessary, including fear of death. It’s hard to believe, and we can’t blame people to be scared, but it’s only because of what we grew learning and believing. If we knew the truth about right and wrong from the beginning, we would be living in an entirely different world that we can’t imagine. So even if it’s hard to believe this, it’s still the truth we must accept, and this would make our lives so much easier and nature and the world easier to understand as well.

Fear of the unknown - We never fear the unknown. We only fear the known. It’s our negative presumptions about the unknown which makes us scared of the unknown. How ironic? And if this were true, then what about the “grass is greener on the other side”? Those who fear the unknown are simply people who have a pessimistic nature, ptsd or depression of some sort. Babies don’t know anything, yet they don’t fear the unknown. They are curious of everything. What’s sad is that some negative person managed to somehow make his/her belief of “fear of the unknown” belief normalized in society, causing even normal, happy people to fall for it. There are things which are taught or told as if it’s true, said in a way so it’s easy for one to believe without questioning. This is why it’s good to question the smallest of things in life, and use our heart, common sense, inner gut feeling which is connected to the source.

In nature the fittest survives - The lion kills a deer and it’s the only way for him to survive. He kills to live and so do all the other carnivorous animals. Now let me explain why this is okay but the way we interpret it isn’t. A lion is made this way by the source, and we don’t know what either the lion is thinking or feeling, because we aren’t in his place. We are not an animal. We don’t need to act like the fauna in nature. Despite killing happening, when the ecosystem in the nature is balanced, then the deer dying is not something negative, because it doesn’t mean the deers are in danger of extinction, and also because other than dying, the lives of the deers are peaceful. The lion doesn’t trap hundreds of deers in a small space and make their whole life hell. Humans did such cruel things that carnivores wouldn’t do even if they could. What humans don’t understand is that death is not the painful thing, but creating hell on earth for a being is the biggest sin possible. If a human being trapped in a forest has to survive and there are no edible plants around, only then is it okay for him/her to kill an animal to eat and survive. Intelligence is not possible without compassion and as humans we have fallen so low and are embarrassing for normalizing torture of living beings just because we enjoy their taste.

We are animals - This should be obvious, that we are not an animal but it’s hard to understand why many people insist that we are just another animal. We evolved from animals but we have something which doesn’t match with any other animal except for monkeys. Some monkeys like gorillas are very similar to us. But you’ll be surprised that cats and mice are the second most similar to us. Why is that? It’s because aliens genetically modified a few animals to become more genetically “alien”. Those aliens don’t yet have an official name but they were a type of alien beings who humans are the closest to, then monkeys, and then domestic cats (not wild cats). They are in bigger amounts in us and their amount varies depending on the type of monkey breed, and in cats, they are a tiny bit. The reason mice are close to us genetically is not because the aliens affected them too but because our evolution happened from the mice family. This is the truth behind why we are different than other animals. This disproves that “evolution” is always for the better and it also doesn’t happen out of survival. It happens because of a desire of a race/breed/living being to experience life in a new way. If evolution happened for survival then why are there wolves still existing if dogs now exist and so on? There are two reasons for evolution. The first is selective breeding and the other reason is not yet proved by science, but for lack of better words it’s “divine intervention” which creates a new branch breed from an existing breed/race.

Spirit tip of the day: Sprinkling sage powder on the head clears negativity from your aura.

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