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Algol - Should we really be so scared of it?

Updated: May 28, 2022

Algol is a malefic star in 20º10 Taurus. It‘s also called the demon star and is known to be associated with the goddess Medusa in mythology, and Goddess Baglamukhi in Hinduism. It‘s the most feared star in astrology since centuries and has a bad reputation. We will debunk some things about this star.

There is a very good reason for why it‘s considered as the most dangerous star. It‘s associated with violence, danger, immorality, cruelty, etc. But like everything it’s not black and white. It’s still a star that you should not overlook in yours or someone’s chart.

Before talking about what this star is about, it‘s important to clear that a star or planet is never bad or evil. Just like us humans have souls, so do stars and planets, but theirs is on a much higher plane or frequency. They are more connected to the divine or who we call “god”. The stars and planets have an impact on our human lives. Planets and stars can be considered as “gods” themselves because of their purposes and roles in existence. Even in horary astrology, if you ask too many questions which aren’t important, it is disrespectful to the planets and the planets show it through the horary chart by invalidating the question. But some planets or stars can be “malefic”. It means their role and purpose is to bring chaos or challenges, but only for learning and evolving. Just because a star or planet is malefic we can’t call it “bad”.

Whenever you practice astrology, you must do it with respect to the planets and stars. Calling Algol a bad star is incorrect. She is our Goddess, a divine energy. And like any other planet or star, it depends whether it is in a good or bad position, and how the star’s role in the chart is playing out in a person’s life.

Let’s talk about this star’s characteristics and patterns. When Algol is conjunct with a planet in a person’s chart it becomes extremely significant in that person’s life. Algol is the star of anger, intensity, protection, vengeance, strength, accidents & injuries and sexual scandals. Depending on where it is in a chart it can mean many things but it is usually always in the lines of the mentioned characteristics. When Algol is conjunct any important planet in a person’s chart, must beware. If you hurt such a person or make them feel powerless, their Algol will take revenge on you even if you didn’t truly deserve it.

For example, there are two people who have Algol conjunct an important planet in their 8th house and something bad always happens to those who hurt them in any way. Their Algol takes revenge on those who had hurt them. I noticed this myself many times with a person I am close to. But it is not the same thing as karma. Karma is something in the law of nature which happens. But Algol goes against this nature and creates a negative karma instead of being karma itself.

Algol is also a star of immorality of sexual matters. This is more true for people with a personal planet conjunct Algol (Mars and the planets closer to the Sun). It makes people do taboo and risky things and rebel against society norms of what is right or moral sexually or in attitude towards relationships. But they aren’t necessarily bad, they can be very friendly, funny and kind people When you meet them. But they will always have interest since a young age in taboo things such as violence, sex, disturbing things and are shockingly unaffected by it. At a certain age, usually anywhere from early teens to early adulthood, they get involved in something which is scandalous and defames them. The level of how serious it is depends on how strong Algol is in their chart.

If you have Algol conjunct a outer planet (planets farther than Mars: Jupiter, Saturn, so on), whenever that planet returns to the same position as your birth chart, something significant happens at that point in your life. If Algol is negative in your chart, it can be something dangerous such as surgery, accident, loss of something, etc. When Algol is positive it still causes something negative to happen, but along with certain rewards such as winning a court case, winning a lot of money, etc.

An example of how Algol affects a person in a chart when their Algol is conjunct the Sun, means something bad happened to their father or a bad phase started in their father’s life (because Sun is the father). The same applies to all other planets and their respective symbols; (moon - mother, mercury - siblings, etc). (If you want to learn about planets and their symbolisms, visit the Planets & Signs page.)

Despite all this, you don’t need to be scared of someone with a prominent Algol in their chart, as long as you trust and believe in karma and keep doing good karma in your life, you don’t need to fear anything. Including those who have Algol in their own chart.

If you know someone with a prominent Algol or you have it yourself, let me know how true these interpretations were for you!

Spirit tip of the day: Sleeping on your left side at night is good for digestion.

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